Dr. Alex Bennet, internationally recognized as a leader in knowledge management and an agent for organizational change, was the Deputy Chief Information Officer for Enterprise Integration with the role of Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO) for the United States Department of the Navy. She was also co-chair of the Federal Knowledge Management Working Group, leading implementation of KM across the federal sector. Before becoming CKO, she served as Acquisition Reform Executive and Standards Improvement Executive. Alex has a Ph.D. in Human and Organizational Systems, degrees in Management for Organizational Effectiveness, Human Development, English and Marketing, and graduate certificates in Total Quality Management, System Dynamics, Project Management and Defense Acquisition Management. She is a member of Delta Epsilon Sigma and the Golden Key National Honor Society. Among her many honors, she is the recipient of the Department of the Navy Distinguished and Superior Public Service Awards, the National Performance Review Hammer Award from the Vice President, and the National Knowledge and Intellectual Property Management Task Force Award for distinguished service and exemplary leadership. Dr. Bennet is Co-Founder of the Mountain Quest Institute.

Richard David Hames is a corporate philosopher, author and knowledge designer. Working at the interface between organisations and society, he is widely considered to be among the world’s most influential intellectuals and strategic futurists. An Australian citizen, educated in Europe and domiciled in Thailand, Richard has been honoured with numerous awards including a French Government Scholarship, a Leverhulme European Fellowship, the Mondadori Professorial Fellowship and the inaugural Lord Attlee Fellowship. Richard is Founder and Honorary President of The Hames Group (a globally distributed think-tank and strategic design laboratory); Director of Thoughtpost Edge; and Distinguished Professor and founding Director of the Asian Foresight Institute.

Shawn Callahan is a pioneer in the application of story methods to business and has helped some of the world’s top companies, including IBM, Shell, AMP and KPMG, to inspire lasting change and make sure their company strategy really stick. Shawn started his working life as a geographer and archaeologist, then moved into information technology with the likes of Oracle and IBM. His story work began in 1999 while he was still with IBM, applying complexity theory to business issues. It was a time when story-based approaches to leadership development and employee engagement were definitely on the fringe, but that was soon to change. in 2004 Shawn founded anecdote with the clear purpose of bringing out the humanity in organisations, using story work as its method.

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